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Description: WW B-Dahl is a very leafy and nutritious forage, which can be grazed by livestock or harvested as hay. Because of its habit of growth and exceptional forage production, most of the Old World bluestems have shown great potential for re-vegetation of rangeland or abandoned cultivated land. WW-B Dahl Bluestem Bothriochloa bladhii WW-B Dahl Bluestem is a late maturing, very leafy Old World Bluestem released jointly by Texas Tech, TAEX, and the Soil Conservation Service in 1994. WW-B Dahl looks somewhat like KR bluestem but has a much higher leaf to stem ratio, thus increasing quality significantly. “WW B. Dahl” OLD WORLD BLUESTEM The correct species classification for “WW B. Dahl” Old World Bluestem is Bothriochloa bladhii. Most of the other released varieties of Old World Bluestem including “Plains”, “WW Spar”, and “WW Ironmaster” are classified as Bothriochloa ischaemum. WW-B Dahl grass is an old world bluestem from India. Named after Dr. Bill Dahl, WW-B Dahl provides strong forage production and does well in central and southern Texas. Additionally, there is research showing the grass to have general insect-repelling properties, especially with the Red Imported Fire Ant!

07/02/2019 · B Dahl Bluestem WW B. Dahl Bluestem is a introduced warm-season grass that is best adapted to areas receiving from 15 to 35 inches of average rainfall. Soil PH range 5.5 – 8.0. It is very productive considering the input cost compared to other permanent pastures. Stand Establishment Old World bluestems: B Dahl, Ironmaster, Spar, and Plains. Bluestem, Old World WW-B. Dahl. WW-B.Dahl is leafy and late heading. This gives it a higher ratio of leaf to stem in mid and late summer, which promotes increased cattle gains during this time. It is a good forage producer on dryland and an outstanding forage producer under irrigation. WW-B.Dahl' jointly released in 1994 by Texas Tech, TAEX, and the Soil Conservation Service in 1994 the most recent release of Old World Bluestems and originated in India. The Foretenberry brothers, Bain on the left and Ethan on the right. Photo by Jessica Crabtree Showing just how fine the seeds of WW-B Dahl really are. Photo by Jessica Crabtree This photo shows a full stock of the WW-B Dahl. Photo by Jessica Crabtree The base of a healthy stock of WW-B Dahl. Varieties Available PLAINS WW - SPAR WW - B DAHL WW IRON MASTER CAUCASIAN: OLD WORLD BLUESTEMS Bothriochloa ischaemum Yellow Bluestems Old World Bluestems also known as yellow bluestems are medium-tall, long-lived, warm season bunchgrasses introduced from temperate regions of Eurasia and also in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa.

Brosig B-Dahl Grass Seed Drought Resistant Grass. B-Dahl Bluestem has survived and produced forage much better than any other grass. The Brosigs have planted B-Dahl Grass Seed in pastures and famland from Lubbock to Laredo, Texas,. WW B-Dahl Bluestem Grass Seed. ecent rr eleasesThe ne. west Old World bluestem cultivar is ‘WW-B.Dahl. A compar’ ison of the diferf ent cultivars is found in Table 1. Stand Establishment Old World bluestems are best adapted to loam or clay-loam soils St. and establishment on sandy or sandy-loam soils may take a season longer to establish and become productive.

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