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Intrigued, Bonnie started collecting anecdotal evidence from her rose customers and the consensus is that the rugosa group is the most likely to escape predation. The common name, sea tomato, was. Rosa rugosa has naturalized in 19 states and has now become cause for concern as an invasive plant in dry sandy shorelines, especially in the northeastern US. There it forms spiny thickets that exclude native vegetation. It does not seem to be a problem inland. Connecticut has declared it "potentially invasive" but has not prohibited its sale. Rosa rugosa is a rampant, thrifty grower and is most decidedly a plant for the shrub border rather than formal rose garden. It can be trusted to look after itself more than can most roses, for it is winter hardy and resistant to such diseases as "black spot". If the bush.

Rugosa Rose hybridises readily with many other roses. Rose breeders value it for its resistance to rose rust and rose black spot. Tough and trouuble-free, Rugosa Rose is widely used in landscaping. It is suitable for planting in large numbers; its salt-tolerance makes it useful for planting beside roads which need deicing with salt regularly. DEER RESISTANT ~ Shrubs No plants are deer proof. The trick to having a garden in deer country is making sure your garden is not the best buffet in town. The following is a list of plants that have been shown to be resistant, either by vigorous growth to recover from browsing or by unfavorable taste or texture. Deer cannot. Hybrid rugosa roses are derived from the species rose, Rosa rugosa, which is nicknamed “the rugged rose.” The hybrid rugosa roses have inherited many of the rugged features of the parent, and have evolved into a class of roses that are the world’s easiest to grow. They have enjoyed increasing popularity, especially with organic gardeners and those who just hate spraying pesticides.

Striped Foliage and Magenta Blooms: Belle Poitevine Rugosa Rose Pink Blooms on a Reliable Plant Disease Resistant Fall Interest Belle Poitevine, Rosa 'Belle Poitevine', is a hardy rugose rose which was introduced in 1894. It is graced by dense. Deer do indeed love the beautiful succulent growth they find in those meadows and valleys, but they cannot resist a rose garden if there is one close by. Learn how to fix deer damage and prevent more in this article. Click here for more info. The rugosa rose itself has fairly large, highly perfumed flowers, sometimes an attractive golden fall color and spectacular and edible fall hips as rose fruits are called. It’s a fairly tall shrub rose 3 to 6 feet/1 to 2 m widely used in hybridizing to impart extra cold hardiness zone 3. Rosa rugosa Rose - Rugosa. Rugosa Rose has single magenta-pink highly fragrant flowers June through August, followed by large, bright orange rose hips in fall. Excellent colonizer of salty, sandy locations. The fruit is highly attractive to wildlife, but deer tend to leave the plants alone too spiny.

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