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Tecniche utilizzate: brevi meeting “Lightning Talks”,. E’ il momento della verità in cui il team di Design Sprint svolge una sessione dimostrativa agli utenti del prototipo realizzato. Ciò consentirà di concludere l’iterazione con il prototipo convalidato oppure da migliorare o cambiare. Design for the future of Android. dehaze. Lightning Talks from the Sprint. The Dimensions Sprint started out with talks from designers and developers who work with Android and Material Design everyday. Now you can learn from these talks too! Uniquely Android Video from Nick Butcher.

4. Plan the lightning talks. Lightning talks are the essential part of the Design Sprint. They last for a few minutes only and are meant to be delivered in short formats, such as Pecha Kucha or Ignite. Their aim is to bring fresh perspectives onto the matter and help the team gather useful information from a completely different perspective. Design sprint activities. During our sprint we completed a range of different activities but here’s a list of some that worked well for us. You can find out more information about how to run most of these over at The Sprint Book website or checkout some great resources over at Design Sprint Kit. Lightning talks.

Design sprints often rely on lightning talks—fifteen minute presentations by sprint attendees on user research, business goals, and other relevant topics—to develop a shared understanding of. Design Sprint consists of 6 phases: Phase 1: Problem Understanding — usually done during the first day of the Sprint. Phase 2: Problem Definition — also reserved for the first day of the Sprint. Phase 1 and 2 include exercises such as Lightning Talks, Exper Interviews, HMW, Long Term Goal definition, Empathy Mapping and Picking a Problem.

On the next day we start with lightning talks, where we have a look at some Best-in-class cases that can inspire our thinking. What follows differs slightly from design sprints for products and business ventures. Since we now sketch for branding, we sketch brand scenarios. Each following one big idea. For the last two years, we had only lightning talks and workshops at the ownCloud Contributor Conference.As chair of the paper committee at Akademy, I introduced a single morning track of lightning talks that turned out to be an exceptionally good model for creation-type events like ours.Your event might benefit from lightning talks too—here's why and how to plan them. Design Sprint. With all the information collected during the discovery phase, two new goals arose: to integrate the business vision with the clients’ vision and permeate it through the organization. A Design Sprint seemed to be the right tool to achieve these new goals for its power in generating consensus and vision alignment. Design Sprints for better products, inspired by Google Design Sprints. Compress months of product strategy, innovation and design into days. Discover the design sprint process with experienced instruction and hands-on training. Lightning talks are brief 10–15 mins pitch by key team members Product Leader, Sales/Marketing Leader, Technology Leader to present the relevant knowledge for the Sprint Challenge. This would help your team create a shared knowledge of understanding of users and current challenges, any business or technical opportunities, and discuss any previous efforts.

Step 4: Plan Lightning Talks — Stick to your time limits! That’s why we include the GV Sprint Time Timer with our Design Sprint Kits. Step 5: Create a Deck Step 6: Find the Right Space — Location, location, location. Step 7: Get Your Supplies — This is the easiest part! Design Sprint Kit includes everything from the official GV Design. What is a design sprint? Originally developed at Google, a design sprint is a 5-day process that allows you to quickly design, prototype, and test ideas. Here are ten examples of stellar design sprints that led to multi-million dollar products and businesses. Lightning Talks Essential information in just a few minutes Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Deutsche Telekom: How we ran an Enterprise Design Sprint with 70 people. a design thinking expert from the Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs gave a lightning talk on this topic. People were also inspired by what they learned in the lightning talks and the new methods.

We structured the morning discussions leading to the Sprint Goal into an activity called Lightning Talks, where the team shares their points of view on the problem at hand and reviews the Design. Overview of Sprint and rules - 5 min Ice Breaker/Meet the team 15 min Introduce the Challenge - 3 min Directions for HMW’s - 2 min 10:00 Understand: Lightning Talks Business Perspective - Voice of the User - User Journeys and Pain Points Design Evolution/Product Audit. 23/01/2018 · If you've ever done a 5 day Design Sprint, you might have noticed that the mapping exercise can be the most complicated spot and often the exercise that causes the. The Design Sprint Skill Kit contains a curated selection of over 70 of our favourite tools and resources for running a human-centred and impact-focussed design sprint. It was created by Skills of the Modern Age, an education and technology company helping people, communities and organisations get excited for the future work.


Wed, Oct 17, 2018, 5:00 PM: Unable to attend the Google Design Sprint Conference? Join us for an evening of 15-minute lightning talks and panel discussions around design thinking, design sprints, and. Starting before you start In the first two chapters, we emphasized the need to prepare appropriately to ensure success. This preparation sometimes referred to as “phase zero,” can be easily overlooked in the rush to get started. I strongly suggest giving phase zero the attention it deserves several weeks before a design sprint. Even more […]. The critical task before the sprint is to formulate a meaningful design challenge that the sprint will center around. A great design challenge is inspiring, short and specifies the target use groups and deliverables of the sprint. Second to that, the Sprint Master has to invite the team, and schedule lightning talks. 📘 Sprint, pages 21-48 🎬 Video 📝 Sprint checklists PDF 🗒 Sprint Room Setup 🛒 Sprint Supplies 🗒 How to Run a Remote Sprint 🗒 Lightning Decision Jam by AJ&Smart 📓 The Facilitator's Handbook 🤔 How to Pitch a Design Sprint. Of course, you may need to sell the idea of running a Design Sprint in the first place. Agile2018 is fast approaching, and I can’t wait for the chance to see old friends, meet new ones, and learn from some of the veterans in the Agile community. One of my favorite tracks at Agile20xx conferences has always been the Lightning Talks.Lightning Talks are created and presented by the attendees of the conference, and they are always fun, fast, and educational.

設計敏捷方法 (Design Sprint Method)是由 Google 提出,且於內部實踐並受到歡迎。它的概念基礎來自於其他已經在產業界應用的方法,例如敏捷開發、設計思考與 gamestorming。這個方法試圖讓每個設計團隊都能輕易的導入,且能於2-5天內解決或測試設計的挑戰。.
Lightning Talks Each presenter will have 2 minutes to talk about: Why is TMT doing a Product Design Sprint? Dave, Interim CEO of TMT Voice of the Customer Cu.

Design Sprint Masterclass: El método, su origen, sus 5 fases, casos de éxito y las últimas versiones el libro es la versión 1.0, ya vamos en la 3.0! Como correr un Design Sprint, incluidas técnicas y ejercicios que no están en el libro! 😱 Generar soluciones innovadoras de manera rápida y colaborativa. I’ve had a design lead walk into a Design Sprint once and say “OMG, those notes are fantastic, I wanna start making something out of them right now!” I knew I was onto something. On day 1 during the Lightning Talks/Expert Interviews, your design sprint team members are asked to write down HMWs How Might We’s. These lightning talks were all focused on Sprinting With a Learning Mindset. First we heard about Immersive Sprints from Sumier Phalak, product design lead for Google Station, followed by Charbel Semann, co-founder of Sprintwell. Next, Alesha Unpingco, UX designer with the Google Daydream team spoke to us about “Remixing Design Sprint Methods.”. Serão dois dias intensivos em que será explicado todos os passos, ferramentas e conhecimentos práticos necessários para que você consiga rodar, com confiança, o Design Sprint na sua empresa! A metodologia Design Sprint surgiu inicialmente na Google Ventures para validar ideias de negócios, produtos ou serviços através do entendimento. O Lightning Talks é uma poderosa oportunidade para criar propriedade no Design Sprint. Dependendo do seu objetivo ou dos resultados, você pode gastar até meio dia nessas conversas. Depois que todas as Lightning Talks forem concluídas, realize uma sessão de compartilhamento HMW vou apresentar a seguir para capturar e compartilhar todas as oportunidades que sua equipe teve.

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