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For a great chicken pizza crust use Keto Connect’s recipe, it was super easy, use the chicken straight out of the can. The crust turned out crisp and delicious, even my teenage son loved it. You pre-cook the chicken at 350 for 10 minutes to dry it. Though Realgood foods Cauliflower pizza is a convenient frozen option, we think our homemade Chicken Crust Pizza is the best bang for your buck. All it takes is a can of shredded chicken, some parmesan cheese, and an egg to make this zero-carb crust. You can also freeze it after you bake it and make it into pizza another time. Keto Macros. A pizza crust made from chicken? Yes, and it's great-tasting, too! Ideal if you're on the keto diet. Choose as many toppings as you want or just top with more cheese and more fresh basil. Why it works. You’ll be surprised at how well ground chicken holds together once baked in the shape of a pizza crust. Grab a slice and go! Unlike Fathead Crust where each slice has 1.4 g net carbs yeah, still very low, this Keto Chicken Pizza Crust has virtually zero carbs, making each slice only 0.3 g total carbs!; Packed with protein and fat, this pizza will leave you full for hours. Low Carb Chicken Pizza Crust Recipe. Chicken crust pizza is one of the easiest keto friendly pizza recipes you can make. This low carb pizza recipe only requires four ingredients - ground chicken, egg, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. The seasonings add additional italian flavor to the pizza crust.

I sincerely hope that the canned chicken version is much better, because Matt and Megha said that this crust was better than fat head crust, which was better than cauliflower crust. So if this was actually the way it was supposed to taste then I just have to say goodbye to pizza. This Keto Pizza with Chicken Crust and Pesto satisfies any pizza craving for those on a low carb or keto diet. You can easily substitute a low sugar sauce for the pesto for a more traditional pizza. Be sure to also check out our Keto Chicken Broccoli Casserole with Cauliflower.

Genius Keto Chicken Pizza Crust This is So Good! It never ceases to amaze me with just how creative some keto recipes can get. While the principles of keto eating will always remain the same high fat/moderate protein/minimal carb, there are countless ways to make many of your old favorite foods completely keto-friendly. I actually baked my chicken breast pizza crust on a 12-inch pizza pan covered with parchment paper. Once the crust is browned, top with your favorite keto-friendly pizza toppings, return the crust to the oven to melt, and you’re all set for a delicious, keto.

Chicken Crust Pizza. Deep Dish Keto Pizza. In Summary. Blaze Pizza is one of the first nationwide food chains to offer a new menu item specifically for keto dieters. It is the absolute best pizza option you’re going to find when ordering out. I don’t personally eat keto, but I know many of my readers follow a very low-carb diet. I love creating recipes that help all my followers on their healthy eating journeys paleo, keto diet, gluten-free and vegan, and this ground chicken pizza crust is one of those.It’s perfect for anyone looking for low-carb, keto alternatives to their favourite comfort foods like pizza.

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