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Our Draconic charts are intimate, private. The natal chart describes our interaction with the external world, but the Draconic chart is who we are when we are utterly alone. The Draconic chart placed against the natal chart reveals a deeper layer of our awareness–sometimes so deep that it is something we would prefer others not to see. I've been a professional Astrologer for more than 35 years, and I specialize in Draconic Astrology and synastry relationships. I'm also a Certified Past-life Regression Therapist CPRT/Cht 1992 and a Certified Reiki Master Teacher RMT 1997. And I practice the Tibetan Black Hat form of Feng Shui. When the Draconic and Tropical Charts align. If you were born in 1950, 1969, 1987, 2006, check that your Node is exactly 0 Aries. If so, then your Tropical and Draconic charts will be identical, suggesting that your soul fabric is a perfect match to this lifetime’s expression. Consider the Draconic chart and it’s relationship to the NODES.

It also has connections to reincarnation, the thought that your soul will carry it’s Draconic chart with it to each person it visits throughout your multiple lives. It can also explain attraction you cannot see in normal synastry and comparison. A Draconic chart will represent deep values, belief patterns, individual purpose, meaning and clarity.

19/02/2017 · I love this series on Draconic Astrology and it prompted me to read my own I’ve always wondered about the lack of fire in my chart but when I did the draconic/natal bi-wheel, 8th house draconic Mars is actually conjunct natal 10th house Jupiterwow.
11/06/2018 · Curious about your draconic synastry with people who've come into your life, where it just seems fated that you would meet them. Unavoidable. Like you just had to reckon with this person, to learn from them, to evolve. Huge topic if you ask me. The Draconic chart, or Draconic Zodiac,. Draconic Zodiac Chart Synastry. Synastry describes the technique of comparing the natal or progressed charts of two or more people. It literally means ‘stars in the same place’ such as when one person’s Sun is conjunct another person’s Moon. The Draconic chart provides pivotal information regarding the soul's purpose. The Draconic chart in relation to parent and child and between siblings, has been a source of fascination to me for years. Members of the Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology Research Group have also researched the Draconic chart as a key topic.

I've known about Draconic charts for several years now and found some interesting links between my own chart and people I was in a relationship with - but wasn't sure how to interpret it. Alice mentioned Draconic synastry in a recent post and now my curiosity is sparked once again. What do you look for in Draconic synastry? c If someone's draconic chart makes no important aspects to your draconic or tropical chart, then they just cannot be related to you How to apply Draconic Synastry with Asteroids: Make the Draconic Chart for Synastry if you find interesting links between the tropical charts. You need to make Draconic Charts for self and partner. 19/02/2017 · Draconic Astrology – Reading the Chart: The Moon Analysis. The Draconic chart, read in conjunction with the Natal chart is an excellent view into the unspoken consciousness that is within us all. On initial comparison of a Natal/Draconic chart, you may see no use of it at all. Sun sextile Sun in synastry: This aspect is a very supportive one in any chart comparison. It helps iron out other differences. There is a great deal of compatibility between you, for you understand and are in harmony with one another’s basic needs, aims, and approach to life. 12/03/2012 · Astrology: Synastry and the Draconic chart? What are your understandings with the draconic chart and where it may fit into synastry compatibility? Are conjunctions and asteroids only relevant? or would trines be included also? such as saturn trines to personal planets in draconic chart synastry? i have been reading up on the ascendant.

Draconic astrology uses a zodiac which takes the Moon's north node as 0° Aries, that is,. The draconic chart can be studied as a chart in its own right, and this will give valuable information as to the guiding principles of the soul and its intention for the incarnation. Nodal Synastry & The Draconic Horoscope The process of synastry requires an analysis of each individual’s horoscope and is followed by measuring important aspect contacts between the. 14/10/2017 · Draco-Draco is another interesting layer, however it might remain in the shadows if no ties to the natal are present. If there are ties to the natal, then you feel bonded at a very deep, almost inexplicable level. 17/07/2008 · An Introduction to Draconic Astrology: Learn about the draconic chart and discover how to work with it in synastry with the natal horoscope. More helpful lin.

Free Reports/Calculations. Cafe Astrology’s Free Reports, Charts, and Calculators: The following are our free birth charts, Ascendant calculator, compatibility options, reports, and more. Cafe Astrology’s Featured Free Reports. Free Astrology Reports Our detailed free reports. Simply input your birth data and obtain a free natal chart report. The Draconic Chart the Geodraconic or GD is calculated by taking the Dragon's Head Draco, the Moon's North or Ascending Node, as the first point of Aries. The formula is as follows: Planet/Angle - North Node = Draconic Planet/Angle. This self is a vital core of strength for each of us, as it expresses all that is of current value that the soul has brought with it from the far and/or recent. The draconic birth chart will also help you understand the position of the astrology planets according to the rules of this system. In addition to knowing your Draconic sign you will also come to know the attributes so that you can realize which aspects of your nature, character and personality are determined by which particular planetary position.

c If someone's draconic chart makes no important aspects to your draconic or tropical chart, then they just cannot be related to you. How to apply Draconic Synastry with Asteroids: Make the Draconic Chart for Synastry if you find interesting links between the tropical charts. You need to make Draconic Charts for self and partner.15/12/2006 · To understand the synastry relationship between Venus and Pluto in depth which you have both in the natal charts by trine and conjunct by Draconic—a ‘double whammy--we have to discuss first the nature of Venus. Being a personal planet, she is more approachable, more understandable. Who is this goddess? What does she need, want and have to.So it seems to me, the draconic charts also work within families. Actually they are equally enlightening as the normal synastry is. So, I am absolutely fascinated, and I think I will keep on looking at the Draconic charts, at least for the next time. But I agree with you, there are so many things to look at, it`s hard to not get confused.

Because this would also work both ways in the synastry of a couple, for want of a more imaginative term I have called these new patterns the Exchange Draconic; but we can shorten this to X-charts. 18/03/2014 · Draconic charts, I’m told, reflect your soul’s purpose. I have had mine read and initially found it surprising but it really opened my eyes. I have used this chart for synastry purposes and I learned more about myself and my relationships that my natal chart could provide by itself.

  1. Draconic Chart. The Draconic Zodiac Calculator is designed to provide you predictions of the near future. This is a unique astrological system and the information provided may be little different because the way the information is derived just little differently.
  2. Short Course 2: Draconic Synastry. Posted on February 28, 2014 by Dawn Bodrogi. Short course number two examines the role of the Nodes and the Draconic chart in Synastry. The modern astrological community has come to understand what most ancient astrologers knew–the primary importance of the nodal axis.

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