Conus cauda syndrom |

La sindrome della cauda equina è una grave condizione neurologica, caratterizzata dalla perdita acuta della funzione del plesso lombare, che fornisce l'innervazione sensitiva e motoria del basso addome e dell'arto inferiore, dall'inguine al malleolo mediale. Questo fenomeno risulta da una lesione delle radici terminali del midollo spinale, che emergono al di sotto di L1-L2. Conus medullaris syndrome is a constellation of signs and symptoms indicating underlying injury to the lower end of the spinal cord at the level of first or second lumbar vertebra in adults conus medullaris/conus terminalis. Cauda equina syndrome, on the other hand, is a type of spinal cord injury that involves injury to the bundle of nerves. Low back pain is very common. It affects millions of people. In most cases, you don't need surgery for low back pain.But in rare cases, severe back pain can be a sign of cauda equina syndrome. Conus medullaris syndrome typically causes mild to moderate pain, if any, while cauda equina syndrome results in severe pain that persists if not quickly treated. Impotence is mostly associated with conus medullaris syndrome than cauda equina syndrome. Conus medullaris syndrome can be easily caused by injuries, lesions or infections. Cauda equina syndrome is considered an incomplete cord syndrome, even though it occurs below the conus, and refers to a collection of symptoms and signs that result from severe compression of the descending lumbar and sacral nerve roots.It is most commonly caused by an acutely extruded lumbar disc and is considered a diagnostic and surgical emergency.

Cauda equina syndrome CES occurs when the nerve roots of the cauda equina are compressed and disrupt motor and sensory function to the lower extremities and bladder. Patients with this syndrome are often admitted to the hospital as a medical emergency. CES can lead to incontinence and even permanent paralysis. Mnemonic: Cauda equina is the lower part of the spinal cord - LMN signs In conus medullaris, perianal hypo/anaesthesia occurs. In cauda equina syndrome, saddle hypo/anaesthesia occurs. Mnemonic: Conus rhymes with anus for perianal anaesthesia. Cauda equina syndrome is usually asymmetric. Conus medullaris is symmetric. The conus medullaris Latin for "medullary cone" or conus terminalis is the tapered, lower end of the spinal cord.It occurs near lumbar vertebral levels 1 L1 and 2 L2, occasionally lower. The upper end of the conus medullaris is usually not well defined, however,. Cauda equina-syndromet, prognosen. Håpet om gjenvinne funksjon i nervene i cauda equina etter å ha fjernet prolapset, er stort. Cauda equina tilhører det perifere nervesystemet som kan reparere seg selv regenerere og som er mer robust enn ryggmargen. Cauda equina-syndrom innebærer vannlatingsforstyrrelser.

Caudasyndroom of cauda-equinasyndroom CES duidt een toestand aan waarbij een aantal zenuwwortels in de cauda equina tegelijk in het gedrang komen. Meestal raakt slechts één zenuwwortel tegelijk in de knel, maar in dit geval wordt het hele wervelkanaal op een bepaald niveau gevuld door een grote centrale rughernia of door een tumor. Background. Annually, cauda equina syndrome CES is believed to newly affect between 1 person per 33,000- 100,000. 1 Patient gender, age and race are not thought to influence rates of CES; however small caseloads may limit insight into such relationships. Regardless of the epidemiology, CES is a spinal emergency necessitating quick and effective care to mitigate permanent neurological sequelae.

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