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An Army Radiologist Specialist MOS 68P is just like a civilian counterpart yet performs medical imaging at a military clinic or hospital. Radiologist Specialists operate X-ray imaging and other related equipment in order to get photos of human anatomy to make the proper diagnosis. Radiology Specialist MOS 68P Description / Major Duties: The radiology specialist operates fixed and portable radiology equipment or supervises radiology activities. MOS 68P personnel require good eye hand coordination and manual dexterity, no aversion to. Transfer Credit Pathway: Army 68P Skill Level 10 Associate of Applied Science in Health Science Purdue Global’s PME2Degree program is designed to maximize your military training to help you earn a degree faster. The comprehensive nature of our MOS reviews ensures that the knowledge and training you need to earn a degree are. Describes job duties for Army MOS 68P Radiology Specialist.

Describes job duties for Army MOS 68P Avionic Maintenance Supervisor. With a physical therapy specialist background, you may consider a career as a physical therapist, physical therapist assistant or a physical therapist aide. PARTNERSHIP FOR YOUTH SUCCESS PaYS Program. Those interested in this job may be eligible for civilian employment after the Army by enrolling in the Army Partnership for Youth Success PaYS.

The respiratory specialist is primarily responsible for helping with the management of a respiratory unit by administering respiratory therapy and performing pulmonary function tests under the supervision of a physician or nurse anesthetist. The respiratory specialist is strictly an. Those interested in this job may be eligible for civilian employment, after the Army, by enrolling in the Army PaYS program. The PaYS program is a recruitment option that guarantees a job interview with military friendly employers that are looking for experienced and. MOS: 68P Radiology Specialist AIT: AIT is completed in two parts. The first part is Phase 1 at JBSA Sam Houston. Sailors, airmen and soldiers doing radiology all do the exact same training, mixed with each other and with joint service and civilian instructors, at Joint Base San Antonio.

United States Army Human Resources Command "Soldiers First!" Site Map. Login. Logout 877-955-5247. The security accreditation level of this site is UNCLASSIFIED and below. Do not process, store, or transmit any Personally Identifiable Information PII, UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO or CLASSIFIED information on this system. I've chosen 68P as my MOS and AIT is 24 weeks. I've been told AIT sucks really bad and 24 weeks is a really long AIT. Is there anything I can do to make it suck less? and is there anything i can do to help retain the information there? 24 weeks of school is a lot of learning in a short amount of time. 20/07/2009 · ccliff, you have a few options as active duty trying to reclass into 68P. like everyone stated above, medical is totally different than the real army and i found out the hard way, but you would get used to it if you choose to. option 1 - talk to career counselor to reclass to 68P.

Army DA administrative publications and forms by the Army Publishing Directorate APD. The latest technologies high quality electronic pubs and forms view U.S. Army Regulations and DA Forms. With an eye specialist background, you may consider a career as an ophthalmologist, an optometrist or an aide. PARTNERSHIP FOR YOUTH SUCCESS PaYS Program. Those interested in this job may be eligible for civilian employment after the Army by enrolling in the Army Partnership for. This job, which is military occupational specialty MOS 68J, handles medical equipment and supply shipments, making sure they're deployed to forward areas in a timely fashion. They don't just read orders and packing slips, however; these soldiers inspect and account for medical supplies and equipment to ensure everything is in compliance with Army Medical Department regulations. A list of all US Army MOS Military Occupation Specialities with links to detail pages for each. 68P, E-4 and below and E-6, are being required to reclass, does this include ASI's? My ASI is M5, Nuclear Medicine Tech. Thanks.

r/army: United States Army on Reddit. All, As a follow-up based on our EOY Census and previous solicited comments, we're going to try running an MOS Discussion/Megathread Series, very similar to how we did the Duty Station Series.I'd also, again, like to thank everyone who participated. 68W pronounced as sixty-eight whiskey using the NATO phonetic alphabet is the Military Occupational Specialty MOS for the United States Army's Combat Medic. 68Ws are primarily responsible for providing emergency medical treatment at point of wounding on the battlefield, limited primary care, and health protection and evacuation from a point of injury or illness. Army- – Army Jobs – MOS 68P Radiology Specialist Radiology Specialist MOS 68P duty description, required ASVAB score and security clearance, physical requirements, and available enlistment bonus are provided.Return to: Medical Service Corps MOS List or the top level Army Jobs / MOS. Now some of you out there may have seen stuff like in comments from my videos. Other veterans or active duty military guys where someone may be asking them what is your MOS or what was your MOS or maybe you’re just hearing it maybe out in public, where someone is talking to a veteran or an active duty army guy and asking them about their MOS. Describes job duties for Army MOS 68Z Chief Medical NCO.

Generated by Army Career Tracker Reporting Page 1 Report generated on: Feb 24, 2020 ACT Career Map - 68W - Combat Medic Specialist SOLDIER FOR. Army NCOER Duty Descriptions for MOS 68. HELP! We need more examples. If you got 'em, they can be shared by using the form below.

12/07/2017 · For enlistment into the Army you must get a minimum ASVAB score of 31. Each Army job is given a code known as a Military Occupational Specialty MOS. Every MOS has different ASVAB score requirements. Army Jobs / MOS List. There are hundreds of active duty jobs for enlisted, officers, and warrant officers to choose from in the Army and some dedicated to the Reserves and National Guard, which we separate into their appropriate branch. See the whole list of Army Occupational Specialties here. To learn more about the Army's rank structure, see our complete list of Army ranks. To see a list of military medals and decorations that can be earned by servicemembers in the Army and other branches of the military, see our list of military.

About Us. U.S. Army EMS Programs Management Office supports all 68Ws and Army sponsored EMS training sites worldwide. Mission. The U.S. Army EMS Programs Management Division U.S. Army EMS is the Army Surgeon General’s execution agency for Combat Medic military occupational specialty MOS oversight and appointed as the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians NREMT. As you can see there are more medical jobs in the military than the standard combat medic. These are just a few of the options available to those who want to go into a medical job in the Army, but may not be leaning toward an active combat medic role.

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