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Discount curve fitted to a set of fixed-coupon bonds. This class fits a discount function dt over a set of bonds, using a user defined fitting method. The discount function is fit in such a way so that all cashflows of all input bonds, when discounted using dt, will reproduce the set of input bond. Public Member Functions inherited from Bond Bond Natural settlementDays, const Calendar & calendar, const Date & issueDate = Date , const Leg &coupons= Leg constructor for amortizing or non-amortizing bonds. Please see any decent Finance textbook for background reading, and the QuantLib documentation for details on the QuantLib implementation. Value None, but side effects of displaying content.

Bond¶. Redemptions and maturity are calculated from the coupon data, if available. Therefore, redemptions must not be included in the passed cash flows. Un'obbligazione zero-coupon nota anche come Zero-Coupon Bond, abbreviato ZCB è un'obbligazione il cui rendimento è calcolato come differenza tra la somma che il sottoscrittore riceve alla scadenza e la somma che versa al momento della sottoscrizione. Il rendimento lordo/netto è pari a = − dove SR è la somma rimborsata lordo/netto al sottoscrittore e SV è la somma versata dal. The QuantLib C library. Contribute to lballabio/QuantLib development by creating an account on GitHub. 10/10/2007 · Duration formula = % change in bond price/ %change in yield price I read that if a zero coupon bond is maturing in 4 years its duration is 4 years. I did not understand how number of years is related to duration. Appreciate your help.

QuantLib: Bonds. cogitolearning March 10, 2014 Manuals,. Zero coupon bonds don’t pay out any interest. In this post I will be talking about the general API of the Bond class. The description of the individual bonds will follow in a future post. If the date falls after the last cash flow a value of 0.0. Subject: [Quantlib-users] ActualActual::ISMA bond duration problem 1.0.1 version of bondscalc hello, Could there be a bug in the calculation of duration for ActualActual::ISMA FixedRateBonds - as I am getting the same Duration for all settlement dates from 21. of Mars to the 28 of Mars. Valuing Treasury Futures Using QuantLib Python December 02,. we will learn how to value treasury futures contract using QuantLib. The treasury futures contract gives the buyer the right to buy the underlying by the time the contract expires. Above we used a fictional 6% coupon bond. On the face of it, bonds look more complicated than equities. When you choose to buy a bond there are many terms and conditions which describe when you receive money and how much you'll be paid. The specificity removes room for surprises. QuantLib gives us the Schedule function which helps us set out the time table for coupon and principal payment.

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